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As always, I hope this letter reaches you in God’s perfect peace and health. Wisdom Cries endeavor’s to bring about enlightenment, purpose, and over all success in your life!

Greetings Friend,

Wisdom Cries back at cha! Forgive me my Brothers for my lack of consistency, been really busy and the fact of the matter had to get “Wisdom Cries” my non-profit fully registered with the Federal government so I can do what I do along with my staff! Thank you my brothers for your patience. As founder and president of Wisdom Cries it is my honor and my passion to be able to correspond and now being able to go into numerous prisons to let Wisdom Cry! Our sole mission is to save “a posterity alive” here on this earth, and I thank God for this awesome responsibility, that is why I chose myself for this task! Let me share something with you. But first ponder on this; Heb. 11:6- “It is impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God “must believe” both that he exist and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek Him!”

As I said earlier I chose myself and as I began to write this letter I had to take my mind to areas that I try to forget, but the past has a strange way of holding your mind in bondage, its called “memory”. There’s always something that we wish we could erase from that memory bank, but we can’t; they’re there for a purpose! All the bad, and the good, we just have to use the good and the bad in our favor. As president of Wisdom Cries, I, D. Brown will always keep it one thousand. This is why I take this personal. Twenty-three years ago I was indicted on Federal drug and weapon charges and my life was never the same! Everything I loved and cared for was taken from me in a matter of minutes. 1992, during the height of the crack epidemic, and that’s what it was, “a wide spread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time”. It ravaged our cities, destroyed families, incarcerated millions, and I could go on and on because we still feel the rippling effect from it! Anyway, looking at 40 years, but really facing 25 to 30, 3 of my co-defendants decided they didn’t want to go to prison with the rest of us. I have to say that the right kind of pressure will make a man do and say things you wouldn’t expect, and while I understand it, I just don’t condone it, “enough said”.

So that left me no choice but to snatch out for 15 years, just sitting here thinking who signs a paper agreeing to serve 15 years in prison. I didn’t realize it until sentencing, when the judge slammed the gavel and said 180 months, not gonna front knees got weak, tears welling up in my eyes, as I began to calculate the months into years, man it hit me; 60 months is 5 years, 120 is 10 years, aww man 15 years. Mind you 5 years in married with three kinds and one on the way and I find myself in Leavenworth Penitentiary walking into the lion’s den. Though I Adapted quickly, because of my bitterness and anger, I spent some 26 months in the hole out of my first three years, Mad at the world, but soon became aware that I was only hurting myself. Listen my brothers and think! I did 16 years, when I was only supposed to do 12 and a half. Bitterness, Anger, Resentment will rob you of your life! I had to understand it was me; I did this to me! By the choices that was set before me, when I accepted that regardless of my choices I became free (although locked up), I began to understand this is not my home and I have to prepare myself for my departure. That hope that flooded my entire being came from my last encounter in the hole, giving my life to Jesus, He met me in that cell in the hole and my life has never been the same. Although I went to seven of the worst penitentiaries across the country, God protected me and I wasn’t perfect because I was still growing in the things of God.

That was one of the reasons for the scripture I wrote earlier. It was one of the first versus I took to memory, which changed the way I saw things. If I believe God exists and if I seek him I’ll be rewarded; Bro this is what I need I thought, because I began to seek God for what He could do for me! My motives were all wrong, and as I matured that was no longer a priority, don’t get it twisted I want to go home. But in 1997 I was praying and God through His spirit began to talk to me and said, “I will fulfill your desire in my season that I have set for you, saith the Lord (April 2,1997)”. 10:25 pm was the time, and from that point on I never asked again. My brothers this may sound strange but knowing God was paying attention and that He was mindful of me overid my desire to be free. Check this out. “Perhaps it was for this reason that he was separated (from you) for a while, that you might have him back as yours forever!”- Philemon 1:15(Amp)

When I first read this scripture, the verse seemed to have jumped off the page into my heart; “that’s me”, I said. In context it’s talking about a slave who did his master wrong in some way and then ran away! But for me the first thing I saw spiritually was my self, I’ll be gone for a minute that I might return forever. These were just a few nuggets of wisdom that I built as my foundation for true freedom.

There are so many things that I’ve learned over the years and it is my mission to bring about change in me and in you also. Let me say this, I couldn’t possibly share all God has done for me; still married to the same beautiful woman for 28 years, four kids who are doing great, 6 grandchildren, owner of a daycare with about 50 children, newborn to 5 years old, and author of “Bug Straight-talk: my 16 year journey and short biography of my life”, which will share how I made it and wisdom to help you as well; it’s a great book that people are reading in South America and across the country! Also my new book “Machiavelli Epistles” coming out in February, it will bless your socks off. Not to mention a community advocate for prison reform and most importantly the mass incarceration sweeping across our country. For every 100,000 people, 707 of them are locked up, the U.S. leading the world in imprisonment, in our so-called land of the free. All I’m saying is if God can do it for me, He can do it for you as well! With that, if you haven’t read “Bug Straight-talk”, write me back and I’ll send you a copy if your loved one who put you on our list didn’t send you one. If you call or talk with them, tell them to contact me at (816) 260-1549 or write back and I’ll get it to you! And by the way, don’t forget “A Woman’s Worth”, a book written by my wife sharing how she waited on me through patience and how she kept herself pure, yes unbelievable, and a man knows his woman, so you see I’m blessed extraordinary! Man, get that book for your woman; it will help her and you I promise! Until next time!

Respectfully, D. Brown


Words To Ponder When Talking With God!

Remember 2015 is the year of rest. The number 15 in Gods order means rest; whatever you need rest in Him to do it. Break this down to you in the near future!

Just A Thought: Anger is just a letter short of Danger!

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2 Responses

  1. Nekeya says:

    Hello, I am interested in getting the books Bug Straight Talk and A woman’s worth. What is the pricing for this? I was blessed reading your testimony, and I pray the words in your books, your truth, are strong enough to awaken the next brother in need of a great read!

    • dbrown says:

      Hi Nekeya, I apologize that noone responded to your request, but I am just seeing this message. If you are still interested in purchasing BUG; Straighttalk and A Woman’s Worth, they can be ordered from this site, just click on the products tab from the homepage. Please feel free to reach out to either Mr. Brown or myself via facebook at D. Brown or Tonya Brown. Again, I apologize for the delay in our response.

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