March Newsletter

Greetings Friend,

Sitting here in prayer and thought wondering what could I say to my Brothers and Sisters right “Now” that would bring grace and peace to their situation! I GOT IT; …”Have faith in God,” Mark 11:22.

Yea right! Which were my sentiments at one time in my life, but I’ve come to know and understand that God is! Everything in this world flows from this one truth. Understand this and you’ve got a handle on life. Deny this and nothing else makes sense. Either God is or HE isn’t. And if He is, than that changes everything. The voice from the burning bush told Moses to tell the people that “I AM” has sent you. And what precisely does that mean? The only further explanation is “I AM that I AM” which talks about Gods eternal self-existence. If you know that “God is” and that He is the great “I AM”, you know the most fundamental truth in this world! Gen. 3:2-14.

In Psalms 81:10 God gives an invitation to His children “Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.” “Ask what you need”, God says,” and I will do it for you.” That’s the key; “You” got to say something! As a child of God, a King or Queen under the King of Kings, as the word declares, “you have not, because you ask not”-James 4:2-3. Is what your asking apart of God’s purpose? Or is it just for you to be consumed by your own lustful desires? Something you have to truthfully ask yourself! I once heard someone say that Jeremiah 33:3 is Gods telephone number because it contains a very clear promise: “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things which you do not know” (NASB). When I think of great and mighty, Big instantly comes to mind: Big Prayers, Big Visions, Big Blessing, and Big Miracles. I know God pays attention to details, a God of order, but sometimes our prayer suffers because our vision and prayer are to small. If we truly want to honor God we will believe what He says, and then act on that belief by praying large prayers that require an Almighty God to answer them! You have to be determined; I remember reading about the two blind men Jesus met in Matthew 9 (first book of the New Testament). Once they found out He (Jesus) was in the city they followed Him shouting “Son of David, have pity on us (vs.27). Even after Jesus had gone inside they persisted. Finally Jesus asked, “Do you believe I can make you well or change your situation?” For them it was a critical moment; their answer could change everything in their lives. Without hesitation the two men responded “yes, Lord. Yes!” (vs. 28) With the touch of His hand their world swirled into focus.

Today is the day to seek divine help for your circumstances! Do this for me: start Praying Big, Thinking Big, and Believing Big! “Because of your faith”, Jesus told the blind men “you will be healed” (vs. 29). Your life is going to be in proportion to how greatly you believe. Believe little, you get little life. Believe weak, you get weak life. Believe fear, you get a life of fear, etc. But Believe Big, and you get Big life! Jesus said, “anything is possible for someone who has faith”-Mark 9:23. And we know faith is believing you have what you prayed or asked for even though you can’t see it or touch it. Faith says its mine already, I just have to be patient until it manifests! Does Mark 9:23 mean that you get everything you want? No, it doesn’t say that. But it does mean that if you believe big, you move things out of the impossible into the realm of the possible. You Bring To Yourself What You Believe!

Now Pray Big and then stand back and watch God at work!


Respectfully, D. Brown


Words of Thought

Actions will always reveal what people really believe!

You can’t live Beyond what you believe!

Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it!

Passion produces Purpose, Purpose produces Prosperity!

Words To Ponder When Talking With God!

One of my close friends was given 4 life sentences; but by the grace of God, under the Rico Act, he gave all but 20 years of it back! Praise God! They said he would die in prison; God had other plans!


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