Waiting On A Promise

“Waiting On A Promise” is another outreach of Wisdom Cries. It is a support group for family members with incarcerated loved ones. It was initially just for the wife or significant other of incarcerated males but quickly opened up to all family members. The change took place because the need is so great, not only in our community but around the world. Mass incarceration has impacted nearly three million families around the world. Here at Wisdom Cries we endeavor to impact as many of those families as will join. Our mission is to give hope, encouragement and a listening ear to these hurting individuals. But this is not the usual support group. What we have provided is first of all, a safe place and a warm environment that makes people feel free to open up and share what’s on their hearts. Sometimes a person just needs a ‘hug’ from someone who is not out to judge or criticize them, somebody who has been through what they’re going through. Somebody who understands! That’s what we provide. Along with that, we provide food, fun and fellowship so that they can experience a few hours of carefree living. We also so support one another by supporting the business owners in our group and offering other resources for things like financial planning or writing a business plan. Things that will help them to improve their financial situation or other areas of their life.

Our goal is to eliminate the shame, embarrassment, guilt, depression, lack or hopelessness that having an incarcerated love one might bring and to shine the light on all of the beautiful things that life has to offer in spite of the terrible thing that has happened to their loved one.