“Shoes for the Soul”

     Shoes for the Soul is an outreach of Wisdom Cries. I am very excited about this new outreach. Although it was initially established to provide shoes for the youth at the alternative school that I volunteered at twice a week, I’ve realized that more than just these handful of youth deserve a nice pair of shoes. I remember as a young man, how embarrassing it was to be without, not even the latest name brand shoes but just a good pair of shoes that didn’t have holes. Anger, short attention span, bullying, withdrawal, dropping out of high school can all be attributed to low self-esteem. Having on a nice new pair of shoes changes your stride and can make you feel better about who you are and where you’re going. So in an effort to encourage these youth and promote high self esteem, I decided to give away shoes to kids that really need them. I purchased shoes and also brought in lightly used shoes to give away. I then began receiving donations from family members and friends. Now I am seeking aid from the rest of the community to help change the lives of children and teens all through out Kansas City. If you would like to provide shoes for a youth in need, you can drop them off at  22 E 32nd St. Kansas City, Mo. 64111 or call (816)260-0151 to schedule a pick-up.  #IAMPURPOSE

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