I am so excited to invite you to our WORTH IT TAKEOVER, where we will be taking over 3 local restaurants!  This is going to be a night of fun, relaxation, and bonding. This is our last connector event before our WORTH IT WEEKEND trip 9-21/9-23-18. This is going to be a progressive meal, where we patronize 3 restaurants. We’ll begin our night at Union Station, where we will board a charter bus so that we can enjoy each other’s company during our commute to each restaurant! Our first stop will be for appetizers, photos and fun, our second destination will be an absolute blast dining experience, then we’ll head to our final destination for yummy desserts! As with every WORTH IT event or goal is not only to provide you with a great experience but that you walk away feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to conquer because you know your worth!! Please invite all of your friends and remember to wear your worth it t-shirt! We have shirts available for purchase for those who need one! THIS PRICE INCLUDES ALL 3 MEALS, YOUR SEAT ON THE COACH BUS, AND CONVENIENCE FEE HAS BEEN ADDED.

Price: $ 72.50
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