A Woman’s Worth

Image of the book A Woman's Worth
A Woman’s Worth, Written by Tonya Brown
Image of the book A Woman's Worth

Have you ever been slapped in the face? I haven’t, but spiritually I’ve been slapped a few times. Darren had been gone maybe a year or two. I don’t remember exactly, but I was praying to God crying my heart out, “Please give him back I’ll do anything, I’ll cook, I’ll clean whatever I need to do, because he did all or most of the cooking and most of the cleaning along with taking care of the kids. He ironed my uniforms for work a lot of times, bathed me at night when I got home. He literally had my bath water ready and waiting and physically bathed me and put me in te bed. During this time, I was managing a restaurant and I would get home late, some nights 12:30 am, 1:00 am, 2:00 am, 3:00 am on Friday or Saturday nights. At any rate, I was crying my heart out and I thought that if I started doing some of the things that the woman usually does like cooking and cleaning that God would give hime back to me, but as I was balling my eyes out, what I got was a slap in the face…

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